Sunday, September 27, 2015

Plein Air double feature

Here is a double feature plein air post, to make up for my missed blog entry yesterday.

"Cholla" 8x10 inches, oil on canvas panel

My palette for this piece was cadmium yellow light, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, viridian hue (Holbein). 

I started off by blocking in the shadow areas of the cactus, paying close attention to where light areas would be, to negative space, and to the overall structure. I went with a medium-dark tone, a little on the cool side, and saved the darker, warmer accents for around the base of the cactus.

The light areas were added with a medium-light green, dipping my brush into orange and red now and then for variety. Highlights were then placed with a fresh brush, and the original mid-light green was painted back over it, leaving a halo of light around each section of cactus. It was a back-and-forth kind of thing. I had about 5 brushes in my hand: a cool dark green, medium-light green, bright yellow highlight color, muted warm purple (ground color), and darkest warm shadow color. 

This is a quick gouache that I painted from up by Governor Hunt's Tomb, after painting the cholla cactus. The light was starting to get flat, and I didn't paint too long. Maybe 20 minutes. This painting features Hole-In-The-Rock (A local natural attraction) and Camelback Mountain in the distance. 

I painted this with a limited palette of white, lemon yellow, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue. 

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