Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hints of Fall in Door County - Part 2

"Hints of Fall" oil on linen, 11x14 inches

Here is the finished piece. I finally introduced a bright yellow near the end of the painting session. In this case I used Bright Yellow Lake from Michael Harding. The bright yellow was used in the foreground grass highlights as well as the closest clump of trees. 

That makes my final palette: titanium white, bright yellow lake (Michael Harding), yellow ochre, permanent orange (Holbein), burnt sienna, bright red (W&N), alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, viridian hue (Holbein)

The dark values in the closest line of trees, especially near the base, really help push back the distant line of trees. This is one of the reasons I prefer working all over the painting at the same time, rather than finishing one area at a time. This helps me judge colors and values better. By putting in a couple dark notes in the foreground it helped me judge the values of the distant trees. 

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