Thursday, November 29, 2012

A few new paintings

I haven't updated in a while. I've got a few new paintings to share...
 First up is the finished Camelback Mountain painting. I think the most successful areas are the large boulders in front. Least successful is the large rock face in the back left. It looks like I got lazy on it. 24x30 inches
 I think this one is 10x14. I think the most successful areas of this painting are the rock faces. The part I find most interesting to paint are the bright, sharp highlights on the top and edges. They really stand out when the rest of the rock is in shadow. I will be painting more rocks with this type of lighting. I think the foreground is least successful, especially the two trees.
This Sedona painting is one of my largest. 30x40 inches. It was a challenge for me, working this large. Normally I work fairly small. I forced myself to use a large brush for most of the painting, so I would not get caught up in the details. I think the composition here is good, though if I could go back I would have waited a few more hours for the sun to go down a bit and cast longer shadows. I think there is not enough cast shadow shapes.