Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Studio Work and Plein Air piece

Here's a quick shot of what's currently on my easel. Since taking the photo, I painted a little more reflected light in the big central rock, and I did some light glazing on the cactus spines (brightest spots). I think this one's ready for a frame.

It's a poor photo taken with my phone, but it'll have to do until the painting is dry and I use my camera.

24x30 inches.

Last up is a quick plein air piece I painted in Papago Park. I wanted to study the reflected light in these rocks. Papago has a lot of interesting rock formations. I'd really recommend painting there if you are ever in the Tempe/Scottsdale area.

This was also a good lesson in blurring/muting the background landscape in order to make the foreground rocks come forward.

9x12 inches, oil on belgian linen.

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  1. Let me put on my monocle and say the chiaroscuro of the rocks is quite marvelous.