Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Superstition, take 2

Well I think it's just about finished. It took a bit longer, since this one is 24x24.I took photos of the in-progress painting each day. Perhaps you are curious to see how a painting evolves over the course of my painting process...

I made all the images the same size. So, if you click the "next" arrow, it should be like a flip book of sorts and you can see the painting go from start to completion.

I think I am going to put on some more glazes. I would like to dull down the blue rocks in the shadows. They are a little too light right now. The camera made them appear a little bit lighter than they actually are, but it's still something I need to address.

I also need to work more on foregrounds. Painting the desert can be tough. It's hard to get all the muted greens, along with the peach and pink colors of the dirt with minimal brushstrokes. I think my foreground looks a little too lush. I think it's effective in the middle to background hills, but there's still a lot I need to work on with the nearest hills.

I tried out a couple new colors as well. Mars Violet from Williamsburg was one of them. When mixed with ultramarine and white it makes some nice muted purples. I used it a lot in the shadowed sides of the mountain.

I picked up a tube of W&N Cremnitz white (Lead white) and used that instead of Old Holland, since this canvas is pretty big and I can't afford to use up half a tube of that on one painting. I also used a little bit of Prussian Blue to get some of the greens.

My full palette
-Cremnitz (W&N)
-Naples Yellow (O.H.)
-Yellow Ochre (Rembrandt)
-Cad Red Medium (O.H.)
-Red Ochre (O.H.)
-Mars Violet (Williamsburg)
-Ultramarine (W&N)
-Prussian Blue (Gamblin)
-Sap Green (Rembrandt)
-Green Earth (O.H.)

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