Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sedona (in progress)

I started another painting a few days ago, and I made some good progress last night. I went to Sedona not too long ago and took tons of photos. This was taken early in the morning. It was cold, but thankfully the sun was out. It was a nice break from the clouds and rain the day before. Anyway, in this painting I'm trying to capture a crisp, cold morning with some warm light. That's my goal, at least.

I like to try something new/different on each painting. Lately I've been experimenting with dark glazes, and then building up highlights out of the dark shapes. The medium I seem to like is mostly thinner, with a little bit of stand oil. The thinner evaporates quickly, leaving a slightly tacky surface from the stand oil. Some painters like to coat the painting with a very thin layer of oil before each painting session (it helps colors flow better and provides a better surface to paint on, among other reasons). I think this method gets the best of both worlds.

My palette so far (Old Holland unless otherwise noted)

Canvas toned with scrap paint from previous painting session. Sketched in with charcoal, followed by burnt umber and thinner.

Flake white
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Red Medium
Sedona Genuine (Daniel Smith) <This one is cool because it is made with iron oxide from Sedona.
Venetian Red
Alizarin Crimson
Green Earth

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