Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guerrilla Box and some painting progress

After reading some reviews online I decided to buy a Guerrilla Box. I bought the 9x12 Pochade  box at Utrecht today. I think it was around $169. A little pricey, but I have been really impressed with the quality. It has a piece on the bottom to be connected to a tripod. I'm using the ancient family camcorder tripod.

 It's nice and spacious inside. Plenty of room for tubes of paint and mediums. The enclosed leaflet says it can store multiple wet 9x12 panels inside. That's great for backpacking, which is something I plan on doing really soon. Can't wait to get outside and try it out.
I also have some work in progress shots of new paintings. First up is the Superstition one from last time. The color is now blocked in, so the next step is some dark glazes and highlight layers...

I decided to revisit the last Superstition mountains painting I did. This time it's on a 2 foot square canvas. I don't normally work much larger than one foot. I also decided to extend the foreground, and put it in shadow. I think it will help focus on the shapes in the rocks created by the sunlight.

The color has been lightly sketched in, over a reddish-brown toned canvas. Since there's no sky I think it makes the mountains seem much larger, and now that it's on a bigger canvas it should seem more towering than before.

"I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend." -Freddie Mercury

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