Saturday, October 10, 2015

Working up a Studio Piece from a Plein Air Sketch (Part 1)

This is a 9x12 plein air sketch from the rim of the Grand Canyon. I'm referencing this to make a larger studio painting. 

This is the start of the studio piece. I've gone with a more elongated rectangle. This one measures 16x26. I've simplified the foreground more, and I'm trying to work on edges with this piece. I want to keep the foreground edges soft, especially the trees, to help guide the eye back and towards the central rock formations. The color got pretty washed out in this photo. I've been referencing the plein air sketch for colors, and it's much more true to the first photo above. 

I'm using more of an extensive palette this time. My palette here is cadmium yellow light, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, dioxazine violet, ultramarine blue, and phthalo green. 

Tomorrow I plan on building up thicker paint and playing around more with edge quality. 

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