Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hunt's Tomb

This is Governor Hunt's tomb in Papago Park. He was the first governor of Arizona, and he is entombed in this pyramid along with members of his family. There is an iron fence that surrounds the pyramid, but I decided to leave it out. 

There were a few families who came up to watch the sunset, and about a dozen kids decided that watching me paint was more entertaining than the sunset. They all asked great questions.

I used a palette of only secondary colors: cadmium orange, dioxazine violet, and viridian. It was a different way of thinking... purple and green mix together for your blue, green and orange make a very muted yellow (more like a muted dark ochre), and orange and purple mix together for your red (kind of like a burnt sienna). 

I think I'll explore this secondary palette a little bit more. Perhaps even make a few color charts. 

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