Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Next up on the chopping block

Last night I got a new painting sketched out. This is from the series of photos I took out by Superstition Mtn and Canyon Lake. This is a new kind of composition for me. There isn't any sky visible here. I'm trying to study more on using light and shadow as part of my composition.

I toned the canvas with some scrap paint a couple days ago, then made a rough line drawing with charcoal. I used some thinner and Burnt Umber to finish the drawing. Then, last night I went in with a wider range on my palette, keeping colors thinned and gradually building up layers.

My palette here is(Old Holland unless noted)
-Warm Grey (Senellier)
-Naples yellow deep
-Yellow Ochre (Rembrandt)
-Cad Yellow Deep
-Cad Red
-Venetian Red (Gamblin)
-Alizarin Crimson (Williamsburg)
-Green Earth

I'm avoiding using white in order to avoid that "chalky" look that white can sometimes give. Using Naples Yellow as my lightest color has made the light very warm.

So now I have to wait for this to dry before I can glaze and build up more layers. I think I'm going to start sketching some new paintings until then.

And here's what I'm listening to. Get in the painting mood with some crazy hair and more glam than you can shake a stick at.

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