Saturday, April 25, 2015

Central California Paintings

I got back last week from the Plein Air Convention and I have 10 paintings to share. Enjoy!

My Palette: Titanium white, cadmium yellow light, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, Crimson Lake (Holbein), dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue, Viridian Hue (Holbein), Yellow Green (Utrecht).

After driving 11 hours from Phoenix, I still had just enough time to get in a quick 6x8 study. I was so used to painting the desert, it took me a painting or two to get back in the ocean groove. 

8x10 in Point Lobos China Cove. I was trying out some soft flats from Princeton (6300 series) for the rocks in the background. Soft flats can give a very geometric look to your painting, and I think they are a great brush to have in my arsenal.

A little overcast in Point Lobos. This was looking east. I was using mostly #2 flat bristles for this one.

Battering waves 6x8
On Tuesday it was really windy at Asilomar, so I decided to paint these two 6x8's from inside the car. 

Rising 6x8

Orange on Green 8x10
In this 8x10 painting I wanted to study the late afternoon light and the way it makes the rocks glow. There were some large cypress trees behind me that shaded parts of the rocks. 

Waves Approaching Carmel 6x8
I parked my easel right on the edge of the waves for this one in Carmel. The sun was so bright I had to paint this one while wearing sunglasses. I would periodically take them off to check the color, then put them back on. 

Pebble Beach in the Distance 8x10
This is from the same day trip to Carmel, painted from a little higher up. Pebble beach golf course is on the cliff in the background. There must have been a memo for everyone to bring their dogs to the beach that day. They were everywhere.

Morning in Big Sur 9x12
On Friday I drove down Highway 1 to Big Sur. This was painted on one of the highway's many pull-offs. Last week's blog post features a step-by-step guide for this painting.

Big Sur Tidepool 6x8
This tidepool had so many bright, vibrant colors. It looked almost tropical. The wind was starting to pick up, so I painted this one from inside the car.

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