Saturday, June 9, 2012

More work with a limited palette, and the start of a new landscape.

First up is a quick study of a plaster cast that I did last week. I was experimenting with an earth-tone "student" palette.

Titanium/zinc white, yellow ochre, Venetian red, raw umber, and ivory black.

I took a photo of the cast from a couple different angles, so I think I will take another shot or two at it, and maybe spend a little more time refining the paintings as well.

Next up is the start of a commissioned painting of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. It measures 24x30 inches.

My palette (usually very minimal) is somewhat expanded for this painting. 

flake white
yellow ochre 
raw sienna
cadmium scarlet
quinacridone rose
burnt sienna
raw umber

I'm waiting on throwing in the cadmium yellow until near the end. I want to restrict the vibrancy of my greens for right now, and then use cadmium in some of the mixes for only the closest bushes. That will help convey a sense of atmosphere/distance.

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