Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two New Sedona Paintings

I tried a new palette with these two. I really like it a lot. The colors seem to be less muddy looking. The shadowed sides of the rocks, especially. Less brown, more violets.

-Zinc/Titanium White mix
-Cadmium Lemon (I have been using this color very sparingly in my mixes. I use it in some of the foreground green mixtures, as well as a very small amount in some of the areas of the rocks that are in sunlight).
-Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna (sometimes I will have both on my palette, sometimes just one or the other).
-Quinacridone Rose (This has affected my mixing the most, I think).
-Venetian Red (I use this color for convenience more than anything else, i suppose. I could easily mix it from the others. Perhaps I will go without it on the next painting, and see what kind of a difference that makes).
-French Ultramarine

"Silver Lining" 11x12

I've noticed that a lot of my landscapes have a lack of clouds and back-lit subjects. These two landscapes combine both of those. I enjoyed working on them. I think the clouds add a lot more interest to the piece. I think it helps accentuate the brightness of the sun.
"Standing Sentinel" 12x12
I used my palette knife to create most of the grassy texture in the foreground of Standing Sentinel. I'm pretty happy with the result. Grass is something that I find difficult at times. It can be hard to create interest in such a flat, bland area. I found that by using a brush to block in some darker shades first, I could go in with the palette knife to place the highlights and scratch through to the underpainting (The underpainting was a wash of Raw Sienna and Venetian Red over a white gesso. Warm and yellow-orange near the bottom, and more red near the top).


  1. Hey Matt, I really like the new pallet. There's an interesting article in the April issue of The Artist Magazine about Marvin Mattelson using William McGregor Paxton's color pallet. Seeing what you've done here you might want to read it. Cheers! ks

  2. I caught that one, actually! It was a pretty good read.

  3. Saw your work on Wetcanvas. Really like these landscape paintings. The skies are awesome! Congrats on graduating!